About us


Stabia Tourist Taxi, company founded in 1994, provides fast and efficient transfers to the inhabitants and tourists from Castellammare and Sorrento peninsula.

Via G. Bonito 131, Stabia Tourist Taxi collaborates with important entities of the territory, as the terme di Stabia and with some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of Castellammare and Sorrento peninsula. Official Partner of Stabia Tourist Taxi is the Cooperative rate of Sorrento, that collaborate and undertake to ensure an efficient service to the whole area of Stabia and surrounding areas.

Stabia Tourist Taxi offers its customers

• Taxi Service 12:0 am on 24
• car rental
• minibus rental Service
• bus rental Service

Stabia Tourist Taxi, in recent years, making even a shuttle service to the night clubs of Sorrento and the Sorrento peninsula. Note is the collaboration with the Marina of Castellammare with stopover in large European entrepreneurs.