Stabia tourism and Taxi Boat 24 24 hour… In order to meet your needs, We have included in our offer a SPEED BOAT TAXI private transfer service, available 24 hours per day and to all destinations in the Gulf of Naples and Salerno.

Rent of boats and inflatables to individuals with both sailor and is assigned to the customer. Our boats are available for hire and leasing, are equipped with everything you need to live comfortably aboard, let you travel in comfort at sea.

Boat trips departing from castellammare di stabia, the Isle of Capri, Amalfi Coast , and Sorrentine Peninsula. Discover Capri
Lush, extraordinary, mild climate. Discover Positano and Amalfi tourism capital.

We have a constantly updated fleet. A range of solutions for the transport of persons, from mini to large groups. Buses are equipped with the maximum comfort. Aligned to the highest industry standards, newer coaches feature the ultimate in optional.

Conventions and News

Discover our special agreements with the most important structures of the Sorrentine peninsula and all the information about what happens on the.

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Cooperativa Tasso

La Cooperativa Tasso, nasce nel 1970, per volere di alcuni tassisti sorrentini. Oggi è un ...